VLCC Natural Sciences being the pioneer in personal care products, is the ultimate solution when it comes to skincare. Their products are a combination of ingredients that are completely natural and enhance your natural beauty.

With a perfect balance of activity, hydration, nourishment and protection of the skin, VLCC has not just been able to attract customers but also retain them. Because of the sensitivity of the products VLCC deals in, building customers trust is a difficult yet an extremely crucial task.

Since creating and maintaining demand is a priority for VLCC, their e-commerce development and digital marketing were both of tremendously significant and tough nature for ART. Creating a website and a marketing campaign that could satisfy the digital needs of VLCC Pakistan, was surely not an easy job for us!



While working towards meeting the expectations of a client as significant as VLCC Pakistan was rewarding for ART, it was also a project that had to be dealt with extreme vigilance.

We were well aware of the fact that we will fail to deliver, no matter how competent our team is, if we do not carry out proper research and analysis of the VLCC Pakistan’s target market and their needs.

Because of the efforts of our highly professional and capable strategists, we were able to identify a number of factors that could be incorporated in our website and marketing campaign and could influence our potential customers. Moreover, our research also helped us in understanding the online behavior of users and the latest trends in social media and online shopping.

After the process of discovery, development was slightly less stressful because of our exotic and highly dedicated team of marketers, designers and developers. However, while we had a competent team, this step was most crucial where no risk could be taken.

Our marketers constantly coordinated with the design and development team and made sure that the website nowhere lacks the creative bit, yet is extremely user-friendly. When it came to digital marketing, it was made sure that the best SEO tools are used and the marketing is such that it does not just lead to increased online engagements but also leads to more traffic on the website and finally generates sales.

Our team ended up with developing a highly vibrant and comprehensible website which made the entire process of online shopping simple and reliable. Moreover, our digital marketing campaign was such that while it was highly optimized, it also left a lasting impact on our users.



As per the reports of our analysts and of VLCC Pakistan’s analysts, the entity has considerably benefitted from the e-commerce platform. The traffic on the website has gone up by approximately 50% and the increase in revenues has also exceeded 30%. Digital Marketing has also been a success with the engagements and reach increasing by over 200%. Moreover 6 out of 10 people visiting the website are redirected through the Facebook page and VLCC Pakistan has also topped the search results on Google for the past 10 months.