Winner of 2019 CSR award

Let's enjoy with responsibility

Al-Rehman Technologies has always believed in giving back to the society. We think of CSR not just as an expense or mere charity but rather a way of building long term relationship with our external community. We believe in forging relationships that can provide a pathway to a better and sustainable living. ART not only invests in the well-being of its employees but also undertakes projects in the field of education, women empowerment through vocational training and loans and grocery distribution to those who desperately need it.

Our dedication to help the people in need has led us to form a complete separate institution in the name of Al-Rehman Welfare Trust.

Rabia Sanctuary

Our mission is to provide shelter and care for orphaned children, offering education and a nurturing environment.

The trust is actively involved in improving our ongoing initiative and is consistently on the lookout for new institution to bring more and more people under the relief banner.


Help Pakistan Programs

Education Program

Our aims is to empower young minds, break the cycle of poverty, and create a brighter future for the next generation.

Business Support

We are dedicated to provides the necessary resources, guidance, and opportunities to turn aspirations into successful businesses, fostering economic empowerment and self-reliance.


We prioritize providing accessible and high-quality healthcare services to all individuals, ensuring that everyone has access to essential medical care regardless of their financial status.

Monthly Ration Distribution

We have extended Ration Support to vulnerable communities, ensuring access to essential food supplies during challenging times.
Our efforts aim to alleviate hunger and provide sustenance to those in need, promoting resilience and well-being.

Ramadan Iftaar Distribution

Initiated a heartfelt Ramzan Iftaar Dastarkhuwan, where we gather to share blessings, unity, and delicious meals during the holy month to experience the joy of breaking fast together in a warm and welcoming atmosphere

Counseling Session

Empowered families with igniting ideas, fostering independence, emphasizing education, offering tailored advice, and guiding individuals to turn passions into profitable skills

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