It is highly likely that no matter how much Maybelline brags about its Fit Me foundation, target customers might not believe them.

However, if their favorite make up blogger will endorse it, they are bound to give it a chance.

This is how effective influencer marketing is. With the rise in the use of social media, influencer marketing has become even more impactful and something which companies with a sense of effective marketing opt for.

ART has an edge over other digital agencies because of its incredible public relations and influencer marketing team. Over the period of 14 years, we have built and nurtured our relationship with the established and emerging personalities of Pakistan and as such, we won’t have any difficulty in getting almost anyone on board.

By employing one of the best influencer marketing resources there is in Pakistan, we are able to maintain and sustain relationship like no one else does

With the skills we have and the innovative minds that are at work over here, it won’t be outrageous to claim that we can create a bespoke campaign that will uplift your brand in the eyes of the people who matter. So, you can be assured that with ART, you will have someone who would help you in branding your product or company and give you an edge over your competitors.