Dr. Sulaiman bin Abdul Aziz Al-Habib is amongst one of the biggest names in the pharmaceutical space of not only Kingdom of Saudi Arabia but most of Middle East.

He has not only built multiple health centers across KSA but has also built pharmacies of brick and mortar and online nature. While, for the brick and mortar ones, we were not of any help to them, but for the online one, the case was different.

Dr. Sulaiman Al Habib came to us with the aim to provide them with a state of the art web and mobile application which can provide their customer with seamless shopping experience. Furthermore, they also wanted us to provide them with a very minimalistic backend system that could be easily operated by the people at the group.



Before anything else, we immediately went on with the necessary research to be able to plan the site in a way that delivered all of the objectives of the website.

Since the KSA market has a very different culture and setting, our first task was to analyze the mindset of their people and look out for things that are a must have while also ensuring that we do not use anything that aggravate the people of KSA in any way.

In the second step, we started gathering the key requirements pertaining to the project and rigorously analyzed their other websites and online platforms for all the glitches that we needed to avoid and for all the important factors that we had to ensure were present in our site as well.

After getting to know the basics of the KSA market and their mindset, we proceeded with the development of the website by ensuring that our end product offers a very seamless experience for any visitor. We also emphasized on personalizing the user experience by adopting the Arabian theme and practices.

By using our experience in the development of websites in this industry and with the help of insights from the discovery phase, we initially addressed the core structure of the website so that the user has a very simple and clear journey to go through. Keeping the future SEO efforts in mind, we also ensured that our website had all the features necessary to get it ranked and helped them land the most organic traffic in the least possible time.

With a new style and a very refreshed look of the website – we ensured that the website had a catchy look about it. We also kept the option for it to be integrated with other social media platform and payment gateways so as to make the life of the user easier and efficient.



We have been able to secure some extraordinary results for Al-Habib Pharmacy. Ever since the launch of the website, they have witnessed a remarkable surge in the sales of their products. Furthermore, with a very minimalistic bounce rate and an ascending trend in the users – it is safe to say that Al-Habib epharmacy has been a success.