Founded in 2001, Total Parco Pakistan Limited (TPPL) is the market leader and the most technologically advanced refinery in the country. After acquiring Chevron in 2015, TPPL had over 800 stations across the country and are the second largest OMC in Pakistan.

Unscheduled downtime is an organization’s number one enemy. In an environment where equipment is expected to run 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week under extreme operating conditions, equipment failure can quickly bring production to a halt. This can turn the company workday run into an excruciating marathon.

This was TPPL’s major problem when they approached ART and as always we provided them with a product which was best suited for their needs. This is how ART’s Oil Testing and Analysis solution came into existence!



ART Oil Testing and Analysis solution provided a variety of test packages to determine contamination levels and the health of your lubricant so necessary actions could be taken when needed.

Our exclusive web-based data management application enabled the organization to receive fluid analysis reports and take action on important maintenance recommendations.

Our application used proven processes to help reduce failures by identifying problems early, optimizing scheduled maintenance and discovering the source of common problems.

ART discovered that the application must allow the laboratory to perform new and used oil effective test process in a productive and easy to use way. The application must remove the hurdles and repeated work in test data uploading, deleting certain information not effecting the basic data, adding comments, providing test results in PDF format for easy accessibility and additional security, opening of multiple options at the same time, additional test options other than gas samples.

Moreover, it allows users to add additional products as and when needed, OEM control limits on personal products, view reports at administration panel, fields for oil drain and oil drain interval, option to add machines which customers have rented to their customers.

It also has the ability to backup database, ability to archive data, superfluous reports i.e. test type, client report, period report and test status report, along with basic output i.e. STAR (Sample Test & Analysis Record), LTR (Laboratory Test Report), LARR (Laboratory Analysis Request Report), Request Status Summary, Sample Monitoring Sheet, Customer wise Report, Customer Detail (Address Book), Test Wise Report, Oil Log sheet, option to retrieve password and unique primary keys and so on.



The objective of increasing the overall productivity and satisfaction of user with accurate and error free system which will fetch required reports for technical staff, management and customers was met. The solution significantly reduced the amount of time spent in repeated work with accurate work flow and smartly handled data and accurate reporting.