Graphic design is much more than creating just a logo – it is about creating a brand that is able to reflect your company’s identity to the online and offline world.

While for others, graphic design is solely about creating logos and creating varying posts - but for us; it is much more than that. It is about incarnating designs that have an emotional touch to them.

Having said all of this, before jumping straight into website design or web design of any sort, you need to understand your audience’s perception. Your brand has to reflect the perception of your customer and hence, you need to conduct a thorough research before jumping to designing.

Here at ART, we do not only come up with the whole branding strategy but also carry out research on your behalf to understand your business, consumers and market. Our website and logo design is backed by our research, which ultimately enables your business to propel to greater heights in the digital world.

We understand that your brand is what leaves a lasting impression and we work extra hard so that we can create something that ignites a passion in your consumer.

It doesn’t matter what your aim is: whether you are just trying to refresh your logo design or are aiming to completely revamp your website design – with us, you will be able to unlock your brand’s true potential and help it stand out from the rest of the crowd.

360 Graphic Service by ART


Before anything else, we tend to look into the minds of your consumers so that we can develop exactly what they are looking for.

Name Suggestions

If you are starting from scratch, we can dedicate some time in generating a list that has the potential names you can use and the justification on why you can use each one of it.

Logo Design

We do not really stop until you love what you have. So you can expect us to create a list of bespoke logos which we will keep on refining until you have what you dreamt of initially.

Brand Designing Collateral

From helping you designing your next email marketing theme to providing you guidelines for your FB or Google’s ad campaign, we can help you all the way through to the destination.