Al-Rehman Technologies(ART) is a leading recruitment web site design company specialising in recruitment web site design, hosting and human resources solutions. We are an ebusiness solution provider of recruitment web site solutions.

We also provide excellent search engine optimisation services. ART specialises in recruitment web site design, hosting, HR web software development and management. Online recruitment (or E-recruitment) is set to change the way in which companies recruit. One leading survey last year showed 73% of the world's largest companies had stated that they would be adopting an e-recruitment strategy.

Online recruitment as a fundamental business process is the removal of complexity, waste & paper work & the introduction of streamlined workflow systems, reliable database applications & efficient communication channels between job seekers & managers.

All organisations need to make cost savings through efficient work procedures. Recruitment The Internet is a communication channel that delivers such efficiency, providing it is used logically and not as a 'magic pill'. It is widely acknowledged that the Internet is the ideal platform for recruitment, and many organisations are currently building this function into their CRM systems.

ART online recruitment software eRectuit helps our clients to use the Internet to handle all of their recruitment processes - from vacancy to hire. This can only be achieved by incorporating a combination of old established procedures and new methodologies. One must live with the other. Old tried and tested processes work, and must continue.

We believe that we win and retain business because our recruitment web site design company provides solutions that are topical and creative and they are above all focused on bringing the highest level of profit to the client. We truly are the recruiter's choice for recruitment web site design.