Unsold appointment time, empty hotel rooms, un¬sold venue passes, unfilled advertising space, rapidly depreciating stock, end-of-line items or oversupplied products all represent lost revenue which otherwise will never be recovered. These unproductive or unsold assets are known as “dead capital” and there is an estimated 9.3 trillion dollars of it world-wide.

Gulf Barter is a network created so you can post offers to swap and barter services. Other people can view your offer and if interested, they contact you via Gulf Barter mailing system.

ART designed one window bilingual solution for complete Bater Trade Management through web portal and responsive mobile web. The Application allow users to post offers, find a match, lock barter deal, and negotiate through barter mail. ART also designed digital campaign including Gulfbarter videos, training material, launch campaign, leaflets, social media campaign, both in English and Arabic.

Web application development encompasses
  • Codeigniter
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • MySql
  • Jquery
  • Bootstrap

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