Money Exchange System

Sometimes, even the best business people find that they have no time on their hands. No time to grow their business. No time to spend with their family. No time to pursue their hobbies. Just no time.

If you are one of them, you often find yourself lost in the mundane activities of business, like accounting, statutory compliance, checks and controls, etc. You wonder how much you could grow if someone could take care of all this and you could just focus on growing your business. You wonder, in such a scenario, how much free time there would be at your disposal, and how simple life would be. And then you start wondering, if all this will ever be possible.

Your search ends here. What you need is BUSY – A Business Accounting Software that not only manages your accounts but also helps you manage your business.

Key Features
  • Web Based real –time Online Foreign Exchange Control system
  • Multiple Branches/Franchisee/Agent Operation
  • Multiple Cashier Operation at branches
  • Vault Management at branches
  • All branches/Franchisee/Agents can send remittance online to HO
  • Different levels of voucher authorization
  • Bulk Sales/Purchase available with inter branch transfer
  • Demand Draft printing facility available at all branches
  • Multiple Currency Ledger Available
  • Online customer compliance can be enabled
  • All reports open in PDF Format and can be also exported in Words/Excel/Html formats
  • Consolidated/ Individual Branches reports available
  • Anti Money Laundering Feature can be enabled
  • Any other Money Transfer system can be integrated
Development Tools
  • Microsoft, .NET Frame Work 2.0
  • Crystal Report
  • Vault Management at branches
  • SQL Server
System Structure

Al-Rehman Technologies provides automisation for both major operational areas of Forex Traders Viz. Exchange Center, and Accounts Department respectively. Each operational domain is implemented as a module. They are, Currency and Accounts. Figure 3.1 illustrates the 4Xsys demography.

As illustrated Figures 3.1 Currency and Accounts module combined addresses automation requirements of Exchange Center, Front Office and Accounts modules serve Back office operations of an Exchange Centers respectively.

4X-Sys is designed, developed and deployed in the same lines and schematics as its manual process flows. As shown in figure above, 4X-Sys encompasses the whole business chores of an Exchange Dealers. Presently this application is handling around 50,000 transactions per month where, Front Office and Back Office are generating about 30,000 and 20,000 entries respectively.


This module’s primary objectives to serve the front office Cashiering and Currency Sales/ Purchase functions. This is an independent module by itself and provides various report, queries, backup, restore and maintenance options


This general-purpose accounts module facilitates the bookkeeping, consolidation of sales, purchases and branch accounts. All transactions that found their way through any of the two modules are scrutinized and approved for their final transformation into meaningful figures of business concerns in these summit modules. This module also offers various kinds of financial report and queries such as Balance Sheet, trail Balance, Schedules etc.

History Query (Function) to Maximize the performance

This application carry the History module which helps your to save the previous data as a History Records, When a query works for the current data, you will be prompt for the HISTORY / CURRENT. It will helpful to maximize the performance of User and even Machine. History keeps your records as your database but to call the records in history you have to prompt the application to find out.



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