Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

Every large or progressive organization has a number of projects and functions that are not at the core of its business but will add value to it once and if they are executed accurately. AL-Rehman Technologies(ART), as your BPO consulting firm analyze, plan, and advise on how to outsource your non-core functions while you focus on core business.

As an established and trusted BPO company in Pakistan, Al-Rehman Technologies (ART) is a one-stop shop for all your outsourcing and offshoring needs. We not only help you highlight which projects to outsource but also devise strategies and chalk out process delivery. Registered by PSEB (Pakistan Software Export Board) and P@SHA (Pakistan Software Houses Association) as an IT outsourcing company in Pakistan, we are known for the synergy we have created between many of our clients and third party vendors.

IT Outsourcing

From software development to web development and from graphic designing to video presentations, AL-Rehman Technologies(ART) is the next outsourcing destination.

As an IT outsourcing company in Pakistan, we help you find service & infrastructure providers, individuals with desired skills, expertise & experience; enabling you to setup your own team abroad and allowing you to lay-off time consuming & cost incurring functions that are too technical to understand.

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